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Join a global community of storytellers and everyday explorers. 


Are you ready for adventure?

Celebrate life through a curious lens and mindful heart.

The Curious Lens is a global community that helps people discover the world around them. It's a place to share and discuss ideas with people who want to learn and grow together. 

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Fun Conversations in a Safe Space

We teach people how to use curiosity as a tool for personal and creative growth, even if you aren't a storyteller. Curiosity is a fundamental part of being human, and it's an essential part of learning. 

We all learn through observation, imagining new possibilities, and asking questions. Curiosity isn't just a feeling though, it's also a tool that can teach us about ourselves and help propel our creative endeavors.

Get Inspired & Share Your Work

We want to challenge your notions about what’s possible and to help you expand your horizons and stretch your creative muscles. 

The curious lens is a community that celebrates creativity and curiosity.

Our goal is to help people find their voice, connect with others, and discover their creative side.

Make New Friends & Grow

Connect with others and form new friendships. 

We are a growing community of people worldwide who share a common interest in using curiosity as a tool for personal and creative growth. We share things we're working on, and we ask questions that let you explore your curiosity.

We don't care about your age, your gender, your race, or your sexual orientation. We're just here to be friends and grow through curiosity.

What Members
Are Saying

"Matthew has opened my eyes to endless possibilities in the world of macro photography. Whether I'm working in the studio or going for a walk through the woods, he taught me how to take a mundane shot and transform it into a piece of art. One of my favorite things about Matthew is his enthusiasm for the craft — it is truly contagious!"


5th Year Student

Featured Workshop Member

"Matthew's expertise, individual attention, knowledge of subject matter, and teaching methods are top-notch."


"Matthew showed me how to open a whole new world right under my nose - the world I can discover through macro photography!"


"Matthew is down to earth, relates info very well, encourages every student, and challenges you to see world in different perspectives."


"Matthew listens, REMEMBERS, provides constructive feedback, and makes sure you understand the specific thing you might be having some difficulty understanding."


"Matthew is very enthusiastic and treats everyone kindly. He is attentive to all and managed many questions.

His love for sharing knowledge (as well as absorbing it from others) shines through."


"Matthew is very warm, welcoming, and down to earth. I appreciate that he's candid, and keeps me comfortable!

Matthew spends time with each of us and seeks us out. Good vibes all around."


What's Included

Private Group Space

Your membership includes access to all past recorded Community Calls, in addition to exclusive content you won't find anywhere else.

Community Calls

No matter where you are in the world, there is always an opportunity to hop into one of our virtual events & connect with members. 

In addition to weekly calls on the Clubhouse app, The Curious Lens offers networking events througout the year in various formats.

Knowledge Archive

If you missed a community event, do not worry...

Your membership includes archival access to all past recorded Community Calls, in addition to exclusive content you won't find anywhere else.

& Themes

The public and private programming that The Litmus Collective offers a series of opportunities to connect with Matthew and the experts he brings to the table.

Grab a seat & join us!
It's not to miss.

Photography & Storytelling

The importance of what it means to be a personal brand, and why you should lean-in deep as a photographer.

Travel & Adventure

Finding your niche topics to focus on will help you enjoy the journey of growing your business, as well as deliver the best results.

Communities & Cultures

Learn about the fun, fears, and fascinating things I've seen in the wild. Lively stories and guests that will get you pumped to go create!

Science & History

The art of client relations is critical. We'll cover best practices we use, as well how to stay ahead. Always keep the client at the forefront.


Marketing your work and services is the lifeblood of our industry. How you market your work will determine whether or not it sells.

Public Relations

Press Releases, Public Speaking, Introductions, and other formalities are important when building your business. We cover how to do that.

Project Development & Output

Some say "kill the pitch", others say "send me a proposal"... Either way, you need a way to gather your thoughts, make a plan, & activate.

Mindset & Mentorship

At the end of the day, self-care and mindset are paramount to a successful business & happy career. Learn Matthew's approach.

Don't miss out!

Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does it cost?
  • Membership in The Curious Lens is free.
  • Offerings within the group may be premium offerings.
What is this?
  • Think of The Curious Lens like a creative & business workshop that never ends.
    • It only grows with you.

  • With your membership, you gain access to an exclusive range of perks, including:
    • Weekly, live group coaching calls via Zoom.
    • A private group space in The Curious Lens community
    • Group video call archive
    • Downloadable toolkits
    • and much more!
Is this community right for me?
  • If you are excited to unearth your sense of curiosity
    and connect with others in a safe space, then this is the place for you!

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